Join Checkmate COVID lichess team

Checkmate COVID is a non-profit organization that hosts chess tournaments to fight COVID-19. It was founded by three high schoolers and has raised thousands of dollars so far.

Hey Guys,
Me and two of my friends are high schoolers in San Francisco. We created where we’ve been hosting private chess tournaments for 32 or 64 people. We’ve raised thousands of dollars and have been using this money to give winners money that they then donate to a COVID-19 relief charity of their choice. We have just created a lichess team ( as we’re looking to begin public tournaments. We will be hosting a couple tournaments a day and giving winners of these tournaments prize money which they can donate to an approved COVID-19 charity of their choice. We’d love if you could join our team, it’s completely free and you will be playing chess tournaments to help beat COVID-19. It would me so much to us if you guys could join

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