So I guess I am the old man. I am 73. I did not start playing tournament chess until I was 40. Funny, when I was a teenager my parents bought me a set, but no one in our town knew how to play, so I tried to learn from the one page of instructions. I played a few games in college, then nothing for another 20 years.
I enjoy reading chess history, famous games and players. I am fascinated by gambits, and always try to find a gambit line in any opening. The struggle to maintain initiative against material is, for me, the real pleasure of chess. I love endgames.
My rating goal is 1700 USCF. I have been as high as 1693, so it seems a reasonable goal. I am inconsistent and lazy with analysis in games. If I see a move I want to play, I refuse or fail to examine all the problems and dangers, leading to many a disaster.
I know a lot more now than I did at age 40, but it gets harder to build up the intensity, focus, concentration, and motivation necessary to play competitively. Too often I say to myself, "That's enough thinking. Let's just see if this move works."

My name is Jordan Garrett, I’m from Berrien Springs Michigan, USA. I’m 33 years old with three boys and work as a laboratory director for an Indiana water lab. Life is busy but I make the time for my hobby of chess. My long term goal is to reach National/Candidate master level understanding of the game which in my opinion gives me the basic understanding of chess to appreciate the best chess players games. I’m making a loose catalog of my chess journey at, highs and lows and everything in between. I’m working on my end of the year summary review to post end of the year there.

Meanwhile I study daily, play often online, and hope to push through my current wall in my progress and earn basic understanding of chess play. I seek out good players to play and get trashed by, then try to see how they did it.

Chess is a lifetime hobby so I’ve got time to see how far I can understand the game. If I’m 80+ years old playing chess tournaments, I’ll have achieved something to smile about. :)


Hi Dear Chessfriends, I have just realized that I did not even introduce myself. My name is Jenő Kozma and I live in Szolnok, Hungary. I started to play this brilliant game, Chess last April, in Budapest Spring Festival. I had the luck to meet with Trainer Michael Yip a month later. With his help and tiredless work, and for me the suitable chosen "forest fighting" method, I have just reached 1628 FIDE Èlő points, which is more than a great jump for me(Mike started to train me, when I was 1360, last June) and I am glad and thankfull for my Coach, Master Mike. I hope to achieve more in the future, now I am 43 years old, and untill my age of 55 I would be glad to become a FM with 2300 Èlő. One needs aim to fight for. And which connect us to this group the most, that we like to learn maybe more than play chess.For me the books of Yusupov are a bit too hard, but Master tells me, He keeps on teaching me usualy, with methods which are a bit "over my horizon". These words about me, about Master Mike. Thank you for reading this, fell free contact me anytime. I am fond of Chess, I am hooked on Chess,so the Ones who feel the same, like Brothers and Sisters 2 me 😊 I wish U all the best👍🍻 Have nice games,have nice days. P.S. I am more of a chess learner, than a player.

@Bogumilkid great testimony and ambition from you. It's very incouraging to see adult players being so determined to improve. I wish you all the success, it will be very interesting to see your progress

Hi everyone!

I am a 26-year-old chessplayer from Germany. I have been playing this wonderful game for 18 years but I needed a while to get an OTB rating higher than 2000. Currently, my Classical ELO is above 2100 and my Rapid and Blitz Elo are around 2200. Although losses in tournament games can sometimes be frustrating I am still very passionate about chess. My goal is to become at least a strong FM. To reach my goal I am doing at least a little bit for chess every day: Opening training, tactics, endgames, watching and analyzing games etc. However, I think that it's still important to balance ambition and fun, so i won't force myself to do something for my chess, when I don't feel like doing it.

I am Jesse. Been trying for a while to reach master. Some stops and slow downs but I think I might get it. Started around 25.

My OTB is 2000 USCF and 1900 FIDE.

I am willing to play anyone classical, but hoping a few people over 2300 can show me what for so I can get more games with the stronger crowd.

Hi everybody,

Im 21 french chess passionade, discover the love of the game 4 years ago,and never leaved me back since.
Reached 2000 on lichess few months ago and hopefully i will be able to improve a bit more.

If any of you need some advices, coaching, games analyses let me know i would gladly do so for free.

Best regards Pendru

Nice to connect with you! I'm in my 30s from Philadelphia, PA, USA.

I began playing online in the beginning of 2017. I would previously play at most one game per year when visiting family at Christmas. My cousin and I would try to play, knowing the rules but not much else. I wanted to revisit the game as an experienced engineer and understand what it really was (rather than my naive presumptions).

When I started on my blitz rating was about 400 and it was highly amusing that I barely knew what I was doing. When I started on Lichess later in 2017 (on another account), my initial blitz rating was < 1100. My rating plateaued at about 1300 blitz. As the game became comparitively less fun and more stressful, I took about a year off from live play to do almost entirely tactics training instead. That is, by far, how I evolved the most as a player and I advocate strongly for it!

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