Hello friends,

Never a serious player or student of the game, I have returned to it rather late in life, at 56, after a 20-year hiatus, intent upon a more fundamental and disciplined approach to its study. My ambitions are modest and I would be content to achieve +-1700 FIDE-level ability. Feel free to leave your own little bio in this thread. ;D

Endgame study, mostly, for 1st year. Now dedicating serious time to basic tactics as I am tactically very weak. Also now dedicating serious time to the analysis of my games and a collection of master games relevant to my little opening repertoire.

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As probably most "Adult Improvers" I got back to playing chess after a rather lengthy break. I have a FIDE elo of 1890 and my rather ambitious aim is an FM title. It won't be easy at the age of 45 but I must rectify all the money that I spent on chess books and online courses during the past year. :)
I am hoping to be an active part of the group. It has always been easier for me to learn if I could have a discussion about the topic with someone. Similarly to Pix, I spend a lot of time on combinations. I desperately need to improve my blunder checking ability. The amount of blitz games I lose here in completely winning positions is embarrassing.

Thank you for adding me to the group and I am looking forward to taking part in discussions.

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Similar scenario, old guy gets back to chess.... heh heh heh, wish I had today’s wealth of information when I was young and absorbent. However, I got today, and any help with the ability to take in it all, is always appreciated, was never any good at it but enjoyed a number of years “being the best” a healthy dose of swelled head, knowing nothing about chess.
The hubris of my inner self, imagine when it occurred to me that I am merely a beginner, even with all my experiences, all those games played all those years...and still, I progress naught. For I found out I am merely a cheapo hunter knowing nothing at all of chess, hey, it me magic to the likes o me....


Hey fellow adult improvers!

In my mid 40s, took chess up as a hobby about a year and a half ago, before that I knew how they move, and played a bit casually with a friend in college in our early 20s, to kill time during boring lectures, back then I got up to about 1600 I’d say, read a couple of books once thru and solved maybe a few hundred puzzles, never studying or analyzing seriously until this recent year and a half. No set goals, but every 100 points I gain in rating my next goal is the next 100 or 50 points. Working mostly on tactics and opening repertoire, but endgames are included in the tactical training, as are positional puzzles. Next goal 2300 blitz. I realize I may never get there, but I have a feeling that it’s coming soon, just need to be fresh, and improve tactics and openings.

I played bullet on here, so my speed is pretty ok, tactics and opening rep are my weakest points by far. My normal puzzle rush score is 27 or so, best was 32. My goal is to get 35 with some degree of consistency. So far I’m unable to get another 32 for a long time now :(

Favorite player? Tal. Favorite teacher? Ginger GM definitely! Favorite chess book - Lev Alburt’s puzzle book.


Hi, nice to see you all.

I am 37, used to play competitive chess at colledge (my level was 1600-1700), and then quit completely. Now I am getting back, this time with serious dedication, and will to improve. My goal? To become strong enough to be able to play in the Croatian chess ligue, maybe around 1900. Maybe I can achieve even more, I don't know.

I started to attend "International Chess School" (, just completed month #4. I am thinking of taking a break from this course (it become too difficult at moments) and give Yusupov's books a try, just to fill some gaps and to build some fundamentals before continuing with ICS.

I also decided to follow @Kusokosla 's advice and start working od Alburt's "300 puzzles", with goal to go through all the puzzles at least 7 times, to know them enough to be able to solve every one of them in a matter of seconds. This should improve my pattern recognition, a key element for chess improvement according to all world-class chess trainers.

I do opening studies mostly by going through the master games with particular openings. I don't try to memorize variations, I think it's not important at my level. I use annotated games from books like Reti's "Master of the chessboard", "Zurich 1953", "Tal-Botvinnik" (by Tal), etc.

I study chess some 7-10 hours a week, always using real board and pieces (computer screen makes me much more tired and distorts my focus).


I am 29 years old right now and I am from Poland. I was playing chess as a kid at a club level (1500-1600), but then I quit completely. I got back to the game last year, but then I took a break because of personal reasons, and finally, I am back again.

I do not have any rating goals, I just want to be better.

My training routine:
a) chessable - fast solving, my goal is to memorize problems. The maximum time for a problem is 30 seconds.
I want to make all positions without this test/mixed ones. I want to finish the first two books this year and do 200 more mates in 1.
I am working on absolute basics:
- 1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners - progress: 1001 - 352  / 1051
- Common Chess Patterns - 272  / 725
- The Unexpected Mate in 1 - 202  / 675 variation
- Improve Your Chess Tactics: 700 Practical Lessons & Exercises - a different approach than 3 books above. I am doing a few per day, I want to study it very slow and careful, to understand problems. Great book.

b) chesstempo - blitz for a warm-up, then standard for normal training. Recently I changed my approach to standard tactics, I am spending more time on them, looking for candidate moves and stuff like that. Here the goal is not to solve fast, but to solve it correctly. I am testing my knowledge and I do not have any nonsense rating goals, but I am looking for constant improvement. I am trying to do as many problems as I like. Usually, I am doing 45 min sessions. My ranks:

Stats for standard tactics
Rating: 1425.8 (RD: 35.95) (Best Active Rating: 1426 Worst Active Rating: 1108)
Active Rank: 6411/12045 (Better than: 46.78% Best Active: 6508 Worst Active: 10314)
Problems Done: 1483 (Correct: 1019 Failed: 464)
Percentage correct: 68.71%
Average recent per problem time spent 82 seconds
FIDE Estimated Rating based on standard tactics: 1481

Stats for blitz tactics
Rating: 1509.8 (RD: 37.02) (Best Active Rating: 1520 Worst Active Rating: 1338)
Active Rank: 1676/2302 (Better than: 27.21% Best Active: 1623 Worst Active: 1997)
Problems Done: 528 (Correct: 380 Failed: 148)
Percentage correct: 71.97%
Average recent per problem time spent 20 seconds
FIDE Estimated Rating based on blitz tactics: 1569

c) Yusupov books - I love this guy. Last year I read books like Reassess your chess, Amateur's Mind, but Yusupov books are great. I am doing first one: Build Up your Fundamentals. I made the first 5 chapters, my goal is to do one per day.

d) working on openings - I hate to work on openings, but I realized that I don't have another choice :) I decided to start playing Caro-Kann defense, so I am working on that in free time. As a defense against d4 I want to play semi slav, but I will work on that next year because right now I have a some knowledge about these positions.
As white, I love to play Giuoco Piano and I am doing that for now. When I will be more confident with black pieces, I want to start working on the English opening.

e) youtube/videos - Dan Heisman rules, also I love Artur Yusupov videos from chess24. The base for my knowledge in Caro-Kann is an excellent series by Vidit Gujrathi.

f) playing -Right now I am dividing my time for learning/playing in proportion 95/5. I suck at blitz, but at classical games, I am feeling alright.

Here is probably one of my best games ever played against a higher-rated opponent 15/10 time control (I am playing black pieces, the opponent has 2119 on lichess)

I guess that's it, thank you for the invite.

Hello i just joined ._. Ive been playing chess 17 years off and on a bit ._ my goal is to achieve 2300 blitz but id settle for 2200 .. Right now im nearing 2100 and its back and forth._. Took me a while to break into the 2000s._. I enjoy analyzing games and if i can help im here just send a message

Hi! I'm a 21 year old student trying to learn chess. I learned the rules when i created this account 2 years ago. As a challenge, i want to see if i am able to progress as fast as @peshkach since his account goes from 1700 to 2600 in about 4 years. Currently after a year I've gone from 1700~ to 2100 blitz. 3 years to go to 2600 blitz on lichess :)

The Yusupov books have helped alot. Currently on the seventh book.