Tactics puzzle from GM game.

Easy peasy..sacrifice queen for knight..check with doubled rooks on d8..takes takes and even queen can not help because of bishop support on h5..eventually mate with rook on e8

This was not an easy puzzle (imho) but I find it very beautiful.

By the way, the most famous wind-mill game is this one. The story goes that Lasker received a telegram, with very good news for him, during this game, after which he was very happy and was not able to concentrate very well :

Careful. After you take the knight, queen retakes with check. If you block the check with the rook, the queen just moves since your threat is gone. Otherwise, if you move the king, g6 wins for black.

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Thanks for the follow up ! (Earlier on I had read yusman's comment too fast, sorry, my bad).
Note : if you click on the Chapter 1 button, you can select Chapter 2 which has the solution.

Here is another windmill tactic puzzle from the same book.

I definitely need to see more windmills; in the first puzzle, I wouldn't have even guessed that it could be a windmill. I think I've seen all of the windmills that were possible in actual games that I've played, but I doubt I'd be able to see many deeper windmill ideas than the ones that come up in my games (a single move starts the windmill immediately after a blunder from the opponent).

Interesting that the queen sac in the first windmill reminds me of the common queen sac to set up a Boden's Mate.