Rules & What to do

Time control


Tiebreaker: Solkoff, Cumulative, Opp.Cumulative (but tiebreakers are tried to be prevented for winners)

A minimum of 2 offers must be made per round by each person. Also, the two offers must be given with at least 48 hours’ notice. That means that if one gives an offer to play 6:00 PM Thursday AEST, it must be given before 6:00 PM Tuesday AEST for it to be one of the two offers. Also, the offers must be a minimum of 3 hours apart from another offer (applies only to minimum offers). Additional offers may be given not in this format.
Can’t agree
You should negotiate and juggle offers. If both sides still can't agree.
In this case, if both sides made an effort to get the game started, providing more than 3 offers (2 fulfilling requirements), then the result is a draw. Otherwise, the result is a double forfeit (both sides fail to provide 2 or more offers), or if one side provided more than 3 offers, that side wins if the other side failed to do so. Should both sides provide 2 offers, one side receives a 0.5 (the one that tried hardest), and one side receives a 0. Otherwise, the party that provided more wins (not providing any offers = forfeit, both sides not providing any = double forfeit)
Not arriving
This is failure to arrive at the specified, agreed time. The player that has arrived (if there is one) must wait 15 minutes for the other player to arrive. Should that player not arrive 15 minutes after, the player that arrived must immediately claim the forfeit by the other player. Should neither player arrive (on time, up to 15 minutes after the great time), they will make a reschedule, and if that is not possible it is designated as a double forfeit (since both sides forfeited).
Whatever result Lichess calls is the decider if both parties do not both agree for a rematch.
Reporting results
One party needs to report the result of the game in the negotiation forum – and the other needs to confirm it. A link to the game should be provided. (It is both parties’ responsibility for the results to be reported)
First requested bye: 1/2
Second, third or fourth requested bye: 0
Given bye: 1

An update:
Either in the pairings the colour of your pieces will be displayed, or the first name of the forum takes white. Of course, the pairing colour takes preference should both exist and contradict. And yes, the games are rated.
Thanks to AdmiralA for finding this error.

I will also make a change (thanks for AdmiralA for suggesting this idea again), in preparatory rounds since these rounds are for practice, if both sides want to play casual, then that is an option.

Only the first (although you can play more than 1) game played at the agreed time counts.


I understand that the games are meant to be rated, but I'd like to insist on players still having the option to play casual, even though it'd still count for the tournament. I understand that there are a number of players here who are playing against those they wouldn't normally do so (at least not rated games) and wouldn't like to sacrifice their well-earned rating for such.

Consider the pools, which are also set up primarily to pair opponents against those one wouldn't normally play against, yet their Global rating isn't affected, only their pool rating. The outcomes of these games are irrelevant to our actual ratings. There's also a reason tournaments (on lichess) have the option to set casual games. We also have some some new players like montanawayne who are happy to play in this tournament but I feel shouldn't be obliged to play rated games.

Preferably, I'd like for players be able to specify their preference for Casual, Rated, or Either in the games to come. People have their reasons for such, and in my instance, I've mostly given up rated games with strangers due to an abundance to cheating. There's also a psychological element towards how relaxed or stressful it may be - my practice round with F_D89 was set to Casual, but it still had me pretty wired for just how compelling a game it was.

Just my two cents.


I get your, point that is why I did not like the pairings. I will change it to (if agreed, casual, including actual round) right now, but what happens should both players disagree on the ratedness? Or maybe something like NOT +- 250 = casual can be forced (but this is not yet enforced, the before (agreement on casual = ok) is). What do you think?

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