Round 4: Tournaments vs Birger

This is your negotiation forum for the time to play the game.

Tournaments: White
Birger: Black

For information on how to negotiate visit rules:

Make sure to remember to provide at least 2 offers FULFILLING the conditions stated in the rules, and if that doesn't work out continuously offer times.
Please remember to provide a time zone to avoid confusion.

I doubt it. Tournaments is in the same timezone as coolpant and I, that'll be 4am here. ;)

Yeah, we live in the arse-end of nowhere, we know, blame the British for sending us here.

I can't get there at 4AM, my offers are: Monday 7:30 PM AEST & Tuesday 7:30 PM AEST.

Is not an obtion for me - I will be working on thise times...

I can play now????

I can't play exactly right now - it's 10:00 PM here. I'll give more offers later.

Will you be having a match with Piacces instead of Birger now?

Great idea, but unfortunately my pairing system does not allow for that - besides I doubt the time available to play. Birger will receive a forfeit , and Piacces gets a full point bye. My pairing system is already stuffed with manual changes to the results of Birger's opponents.


Fair enough, I hadn't realised people in a bye had an automatic win, but I guess that makes sense. It would be unfair otherwise.

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