Round 4: Nickruesen98 vs Montanawayne

This is your negotiation forum for the time to play the game.

Nickruesen89: White
Montanawayne: Black

For information on how to negotiate visit rules:

Make sure to remember to provide at least 2 offers FULFILLING the conditions stated in the rules, and if that doesn't work out continuously offer times.
Please remember to provide a time zone to avoid confusion.

Hey, since i'm back in i guess let's play again xd

i'm nick, ilive in the netherlands and think90/30 is a perfect time controle.

my utc is +2

i could play normal days around 1pm my time, so anything around that would fit.

so for the rules let's say;
Thursday 1pm
Friday 3pm

I'm sorry, I have been out of the State for a week visiting my daughter and sincerely apologize for not checking this site.
I will be available at any time for you...I'm -6UTC and I will play our game whenever you or night it doesn't matter.
This is my fault, and once again I will do anything to make this up to you. I am very sorry.

I'm also sorry for not introducing myself. I'm a retired chemist living in Montana which is under Mountain Daylight Time. I was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota visiting my daughter and just simply let this get away from me. I just got back late this afternoon and was in bed trying to get some sleep when all of a sudden I remembered this Tournament. So now I'm up and I hope we can make connections soon....again, if you pick a day and time I'll be here to play the game.

Presumably because all the games are finished, with the possible exception of this one and there's been no apparent movement on it since Sunday. That does rather point to a forfeit on Wayne's part. I could be wrong about that, but I don't think so. There's certainly been a clamour for the second tournament and using the results of this one to promote it in the general discussion forum.

No problem.

By the way, the analysis on your last game against Soze is processing now and when it's done all the rest get posted. So if this last game really is a forfeit then I can bundle everything up and provide the more impressive side beyond the things you've already seen. Basically a zip file containing the PGN of all the games, PGN of all the analysis and the annotated games, plus conversion of all of that to HTML with a little javascript board/viewer. That last part is courtesy of ScidvsPC/Mac (the developer of which has seen at least a couple of the games in this tournament).

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