Round 4: AdmiralA vs Hasimir

This is your negotiation forum for the time to play the game.

AdmiralA: White
Hasimir: Black

For information on how to negotiate visit rules:

Make sure to remember to provide at least 2 offers FULFILLING the conditions stated in the rules, and if that doesn't work out continuously offer times.
Please remember to provide a time zone to avoid confusion.

We should actually make decide on the time to do this, I figure some point over the weekend would be good. I've got a few things to take care of before then which will get in the way, but I ought to catch up with you on freenode before then.

I'm good for a game whenever you are, seeing as we're regularly on freenode. Just message me for whenever you have some idea and I'll be there!

We've agreed to play Saturday night, beginning sometime between 14:00 and 16:00 UTC because that's evening for AdmiralA and I'm a night owl anyway.

No doubt this will be convenient for most would-be spectators too, with the possible exception of my fellow countrymen (but it's not a school night so they might be allowed to stay up late).

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