Full PGN, analysis and annotation collection for 90+30 Tournament #1

As it appears we have finally come to the end of this tournament, albeit with the final post on standings yet to come, I can now post the full collection of PGN and related stuff. Obviously you've all already seen the essential parts of this, but now it's all in one easily accessible location. If anything from this tournament needs to be updated I will simply add that to the zipped archive I'm posting here and add a comment to this thread with any relevant details of that update.

The file:


Extracts a directory called 9030_Tournament_1/ which contains:

* 9030_Tournament_1.pgn - the games downloaded from, contains 28 games of which 21 were played and the other 7 contain information regarding why no game was played. Results have been modified to reflect the disqualification of Birger.
* 9030_Tournament_1_Analysis.pgn - the 21 games played with the engine analysis of Deep HIARCS 14 WCSC and Stockfish 5 64 which I ran, plus three annotated games I wrote of my own games (granted, the first one is me just being confused). The original game results are preserved intact here. Games not played are not included. There are 46 games in this file with at least 2 of each played game.
* 9030_Tournament_1_all/ directory - ScidvsMac conversion of 9030_Tournament_1.pgn to HTML with javascript chessboard viewer.
* 9030_Tournament_1_played/ directory - the same as 9030_Tournament_1_all/ except only contains the 21 games which were actually played.
* 9030_Tournament_1_analysis/ directory - the same as the above except for 9030_Tournament_1_Analysis.pgn.
* Each of the directories contain their own copies of the PGN for what they contain, except that PGN has been slightly modified by ScidvsMac. The original files the conversions were built from are the ones listed in the parent directory.

File size: 900443 bytes
Extracts to about 4.2MB

SHA sums:

SHA1: 55ace1e62f0cea96aaaaf060873e8b9712fe19f7
SHA256: c632aefd5d9346265f9fec697348d176b576d000964c30b30dfacc81fe290821

Though it should not be necessary to update this file, it might be done for any of the following reasons:

* Nick and Wayne play their last game and it is added to the official tally.
* Someone else writes an annotated version of one of these games, either one of us or someone else.

Regarding PDF versions; PDFs will not be added to this zip file as they increase the file size significantly. If PDFs of any of the data are created they will be served separately so those who don't care don't need to download them.

Regarding the HTML and javascript conversions; the directories are entirely self-contained. The HTML, javascript and CSS files are ready to be added to any web server within their directories and require no editing at all (the links are all relative to their location). They can also be loaded on in any browser on your system without a web server.

Regarding copyright issues; chess games are generally considered to be like any work authored by two or more people, specifically by the players, or to be public domain. Annotated games, however, are authored by whoever annotated them. Which means that the stuff I wrote in there falls under that banner, but since I'm not a complete douche consider it all under the same license as my website, which is CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 and/or CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 AU. The details of which are here:

The NC part means if someone finds a way to actually make a shilling off it (fat chance), then I want a cut. The ND part saves me from being quoted out of context or stitched up by shoddy translations. Beyond that, I don't care, share it far and wide.

Well, this was predictable, barely an hour and already an update. The changes are:

* Added CHANGELOG.txt.
* Removed DS_Store files created by Mac's crap.
* Removed .svn files and directories generated by ScidvsMac/PC.
* Added LICENSES.txt.
* Added README.txt.
* Added .asc and .gpg key files for my key (0x321E4E2373590E5D).
* Reduced size of release from 4.2MB to 3.6MB.

The zip file is now 786843 bytes and the new SHASUMs are:

SHA1: 2eadecbdf12a047261547d858140de8eca5b78d0
SHA256: be5bd005919257ae570f1fcbf74a62b0fea1f68ea5b745bb127178c3dc6a718f

There's also a GPG detached signature for the file for those people wanting to be absolutely sure (which is good for code releases, but overkill for this ... OTOH, there is javascript in there, but if there's anything wrong with that then the person to hunt is steveaaus and he's pretty cool anyway).

The files are here:

My key is on my website, on the keyservers and listed with gribble on

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