Субботний 2ч турнир

кто не придет, тот лох!

I want to make an anouncement.

/b/rothers and sisters, straight and gay, traps and transgenders, cats and dogs, duts and others. In this memorable day, i have been unfair assaulted and charged in cheating, using engine.

First of all, i want to thank all people that supports me in this hard time. You will not be forgoten. I can feel your energy and your praying for my soul.

Lichess made a mistake, forced by several complains of jealous people and saboteurs. I DID NOT used engine ever (except couple of times when i played IMs but thats doesn't count), especially in our famous 2ch tournaments, where I had a great honor to win it all a few times.
DO not panic and take it closely by heart, do not belive in this dirty indictment, I hope soon my lawyers will sue Lichess's organisation and my good name will be reclaimed. I have all evidents to conclude that International Court of Justice will take our side. And when this will happen, we will win, THE TRUTH will win. Never surrender. Fight till the end. Dominate till the end.

Sincerly, yours xxxDOMINATOR666xxx

Братишка ебать ты долбаеб земля те пухом

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