Want to play chess at DEFCON?

Why don't we start making a profile on our team. We create our opinions on certain topics. What our preferance as White, what we usually encounter as white, and as black too... I just giving myself as for a start. Im an e4 player as white. my main arsenal is Scotch game. As black if people play e4 i always counter with e6, french defence, for d4 player i will normally do kings indian defence / semi slav.

We do stimulation game, in our team, and we analyze together in every game so that we can build our own understanding of the game and improve ourself.

I'm not sure that's the point of this team. This is just for ads to play OTB (over-the-board) at DEFCON27.

Perhaps I should make another, more permanent, team?

I'm just suggesting, since i new to lichess. is there any team tournament in lichess? I can't go to DEFCON, joining it just to support you and to improve my chess ability. All the best at DEFCON27.

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