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hi guys
Listen to my newest RAP via the link below :)!0jAkgLBB!vfbsBh5ghaPe_CngkruAcQClM_FuakECbMWrAoY-ObY

and here is the lyric :D

ok students, open your book // chapter two, Dragon's hook

He was a Lord, Ruling world // world of chess, so many sets

classic, atomic, anti chess // all those variants on lichess

nevertheless, all worthless // because of what? those damn pets!

he has an idiot mouse // kept in a dark house

clumsy, no brain, cost him no gain

it's wrapped in chain, so much pain

he has a lazy net // slowest ever pet

he must reconnect // after saying sh**t

time to talk about Lord // when he gets so bored

he reports then deports // he kicks pieces off chess boards

he sounds tough // He rules rough

he can also // makes us laugh

listen to some examples

Dragon said

damn that mouse // I should kick him out of house

hate that net // I must buy a new fast pet

F*** this up // I messed up // precious rating fall from top

crappy this // crappy that // flaggers took my topping hat

+are you testing ME?!! LISTEN

all that rating // keep on fading

all those efforts // go the the airports

there they go // hate this show // I must say
to crappy tc No No No

hate those flaggers // they're just braggers

go on clicking // with thinking

crappy tc // make me dc

hey you noob // wanna me shoot?

don't test me // time to scoot

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