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Lichess Feedback - CHEAT?#16

guys, i just want to know that is there any way to fix this? or prove that i did not cheat?

Lichess Feedback - CHEAT?#15

@Matemefast it is same as now. it is too low, i don't play blitz for like 1, 2 years.

Lichess Feedback - CHEAT?#12

@Matemefast oh my god dude i am not. what the fuck is happening?!

Lichess Feedback - CHEAT?#11

@chessanalyst i can not send u a challenge invite dude. i have that sign too hahaha. dude i did not cheat. what's happening? how do i fix this?

Lichess Feedback - CHEAT?#6

@Sarg0n sorry? no i have not any. and i don't understand why do i can not find any game for sometimes ten minutes. @chessanalyst i'll do.

Lichess Feedback - CHEAT?#1

hey. in these days, everyone has a sign that says "this player gets help from a chess program" why do everyone have that and why do everyone cheating? i am reporting them but nothing happens. …

Lichess Feedback - Rank Clean#1

Hey. I played some blitz, bullet, classical and kinda other games that i usually not play like three years ago. Now, i'm just playing rapid games and i don't want to show all other ranks. I want to s…

Lichess Feedback - how to clean rank?#1

hey. is there any way to clean a rank? for example, i want to clean my bullet rank? is that possible? thanks.