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Off-Topic Discussion - Credit card debt#1

What's the best way to deal with large amounts of credit card debt? From what I know the three ways to deal with it are debt relief companies that negotiate with your credit card companies, bankruptcy…

Lichess Feedback - sound control#2

Same here

Lichess Feedback - Can't adjust sound level#1

I downloaded a new version of Adobe Flash Player and now my sound level is either on maximum or off and I can't adjust it.

Game analysis - Do you love this game or nah#2

The mating sequence is nice but I think you were at a disadvantage coming out of the opening with his two pawns in your camp.

Off-Topic Discussion - Drunken stupidity.#2

I once had to have a female cab driver help me walk from the cab to my house because I was too drunk to walk on my own.

General Chess Discussion - The Pawn Bug Finally Fixed#13

Is the "Man (Orange)" Trumpy Wumpy?

General Chess Discussion - The Pawn Bug Finally Fixed#10

I just came across this post IN PASSING.

Off-Topic Discussion - How long do you think that Trump will stay in power?#11

I can't imagine people being dumb enough to re-elect him but I didn't think people were dumb enough to elect him in the first place. I think he'd have to do something extremely bad for Senate Republic…

General Chess Discussion - My answer to those letting the clock run when they're totally lost: is it too passive aggressive?#13

If there's two terrible players rated 800 I can't tell by looking at that who's worse but if it was, say on with no rating floor then I can easily see, one is 750 the other is 600 or whateve…