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Lichess Feedback - What happened to lichess?#2

I don't know why it went down but the reason it stayed down was most probably that thibault was on vacation with limited internet access.

Lichess Feedback - consequences will never be the same#2

What's the big problem? You got the points in any case.

Lichess Feedback - Spam system#17

No, no, I was way lower before. What happens when you play without an engine is that you tend to improve. You should try it some time.

Lichess Feedback - Spam system#15

Who says we want to put up huge blacklists? Just because some troll is obsessed with the site?

Lichess Feedback - Page is not responding.#4

There are some known issues with connections that will probably get fixed eventually.

Lichess Feedback - Page is not responding.#3

The only thing you can do at the moment is to reload the page if you suspect you might be having that error.

Lichess Feedback - Ability to turn spectating off#2

The way I see it, it's in the nature of the site for everything to be out in the open. What I would like, though, is to be able to hide the list of spectators so that you don't get distracted by the k…

Lichess Feedback - Une interface multilingue et des forums unilingue !!!#2

De l'anglais via Google Translate: Le forum devrait probablement être divisée, ou autrement plus de la moitié des sujets sur chaque page serait dans les langues qui ont plus de la moitié des gens ne c…

Lichess Feedback - Password Recover .#2

I think there's currently no way to recover a password, and no convenient way to generate a new one. With some effort it should be possible to generate one, but it's not certain that you would be able…