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22 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Chess books #7

Logical Chess Move By Move -- Chernev

by third_rank
General Chess Discussion - Reserve Chess #1

Here is my idea for a chess variation: It's like Crazyhouse, but instead of capturing pieces to get reinforcements, you start the game with 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, 2 Rooks, and 1 Queen in reserve. …

by third_rank
General Chess Discussion - Economic and professional chess lessons #53

You can find several hundred games of Mr. Chueca on Practically, it looks like just about every tournament game he ever played is there, from 2005 (age 13) to the present day. It took …

by third_rank
Off-Topic Discussion - 2018 Scrabble Championship #5

Anybody play online scrabble? I've been playing on isc.

by third_rank
Off-Topic Discussion - 2018 Scrabble Championship #2

It's funny that this video showed up on my recommendations, so I've seen it already. But, is online scrabble using the lichess system possible?

by third_rank
Lichess Feedback - Tournament page suggestion #1

On the tournament page, a list of upcoming tournaments is listed on the left. I would like to be able to edit the list to see only standard chess tournaments. If this is not possible, I would like …

by third_rank
Game analysis - Was this guy cheating or am I just really bad #8

Do cheaters typically miss mate in 1 (move 20)?

by third_rank
Lichess Feedback - Search function bug #1

I wanted to check the bullet games I played 3 weeks ago, so I just searched for games played from "1 month ago" to "3 weeks ago", and "bullet" but nothing happened. That is, all of my most recent gam…

by third_rank
General Chess Discussion - Beating the Colle with Reverse Catalan #28

@FunnyAnimatorJimTV I have no problem with 4...Nbd7, it's just that when I play this, I won't play Bd3, but Be2 instead. In this line you give 8 b3, but I'd strongly consider 8 b4 instead. Or I coul…

by third_rank
General Chess Discussion - Beating the Colle with Reverse Catalan #25

@Stephenson The Colle is one of the best openings to learn to play chess with. It is economical (of your time) to learn because you can play it as Black where it is called the Queen's Gambit Decline…

by third_rank