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Lichess Feedback - Opportunity to flag games with glitches#1

Lichess must get many people querying strange game behaviour. I just had one where my opponent lost on time.... yet now the record of it says I left the game (no connection issues, and I was here all …

Lichess Feedback - Time running without display update#17

I get the same. The one I just played, nothing unusual, no signs of connection issue: I am winning, my opponent let's his last minute run out and he loses on time. Except looking in game history, it s…

Lichess Feedback - Unfair clock behaviour#1

I guess we have all seen similar issues. And I guess the only way to avoid them is find a board and play in person. But the issues seem bad tonight, maybe busy servers? Last game, I was winning easily…

Lichess Feedback - Board frozen#2

Android app, 15+5, ZestyX Vs Surema

Lichess Feedback - Board frozen#1

I was just about to win, when the board became unresponsive. I still had a solid WiFi connection, and could chat to my opponent about it: but clicking on pieces got no response. I tried backing out of…