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Lichess Feedback - Bad translation #1

In the catalan language lichess says "Has guanyat", that means "You won", when you have lost. It should say "Has perdut!", you loose. You can proof it because now, both messages "You won" and "You …

by stanislaski
Off-Topic Discussion - his time stopped #1

I till had 1:52 time, the had just one second, and he won me!!! his time stopped downcounting. Absolut fake!. I can not understand this rules!!!

by stanislaski
General Chess Discussion - Education #1

How can people get away after having won with white without acceepting rematch... education seems to be a forgotten thing that matters inside the net!

by stanislaski
General Chess Discussion - Connection quality #1

I am tired of loosing matches because of the bad connection that is going off so often. I LIVE on line, all day using the net, and I just have connection problems with lichess. The purpose of this …

by stanislaski
General Chess Discussion - the way to score #1

I do not understand through which criteria points are assigned. Could someone explain me the rules for it?

by stanislaski