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Off-Topic Discussion - How to sleep#14

That doesn't sound like a great sleep situation, Aollonian!

Off-Topic Discussion - The word game with chess words#2

Greek Gift

General Chess Discussion - Why is rating so important for everyone?#13

I personally try to not care about ratings at all. I accept all takeback requests and I don't care if I lose

Off-Topic Discussion - I would like to read your feedback for my app#2

It looks pretty interesting! I'll give it a shot even though I won't be any good at it

Lichess Feedback - Every board is invisible all of a sudden?#2

To elaborate more on it, it's happening for every board, even the captcha's and the analysis board

Lichess Feedback - Every board is invisible all of a sudden?#1

A few hours ago, lichess looked perfectly fine for me, but logging on just now I saw that I can only see the pieces, but no board. It's just a black background. Is anyone else seeing this?

General Chess Discussion - Favorite openings?#3

I've been playing the Queen's Gambit a lot lately, after years of only playing e-pawn openings

General Chess Discussion - Puzzles = Speed?#3

Bullet bulllet bullet!