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General Chess Discussion - Congratulations Lance#11

go follow Lance and subscribe to pewdiepie

Loquentes latine - Adjuvate Liscacchos translatos fore!#1

Volo attentionem vostram ad translationis molimentum Liscacchos latine ( ) propellere. Aliquid adjutorium appreciatum.

General Chess Discussion - NoFap with chess performances#9

This might be the ultimate reason for the international grandmasters' successes!

Off-Topic Discussion - Players that play white only are chicken...#9

It's not a matter of preference, but a matter of how weak or strong the opponent is. If you are assigned weaker opponents as White, for example, and you are able to defeat them, you are going to like …

General Chess Discussion - Fans of the mysterious chess player "honey0"#2

Please enlighten me, who is honey0 and why is this fan team important?