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Lichess Feedback - Clock Bug - again after a long time#1

Third time i'm reporting this bug. After i make a move, both clocks are grey and frozen. Then when my opponent clock starts to go down, 20 seconds or so of mine have passed, i.e. i lose that much t…

Lichess Feedback - Everything you want to know about Lichess v2#26

i'm actually liking the new lichess. people will get used to the new look soon!

Lichess Feedback - Both clocks frozen after making move#2

same - has happened twice earlier and now again today.. doesn't seem to be an internet speed issue - other sites work fine

Lichess Feedback - Timer hang#1

Hi In my last game (just now), I had a strange situation. After playing my move, my opponents' clock did not start. Both clocks were grey. When it came back to my move, I had lost time (though it w…

Lichess Feedback - desktop time ran out incorrectly#1

Hi I had this error first time today - Chrome on Win 7 after i played my move, both the timers stopped and then it showed i lost on time. i did get a 'reconnecting' warning but it went away soon a…