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Lichess Feedback - I cannot see most of the pieces!#1

I just joined this tournament and every single game has this bug where I cannot see most of the pieces. First time I encountered this bug. EDIT: OMG even the capt…

Lichess Feedback - Touchscreen useabilty : Crazyhouse#1

Dragging the piece from the right side to the correct place on the board is a bit of a PITA. Often I drop it in the wrong spot. Would love a point a click option where you just select the piece and cl…

General Chess Discussion - Should there be 15+0 tournaments?#1

It seems a bit weird that the longest time tournament is just 10+0.

Lichess Feedback - Continue from here is broken.#1

It's throwing me this error when I try to continue a game with stockfish using the continue from here in the analysis side window. SyntaxError: '.continue_with.2PMqrPRT' is not a valid selector …