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Lichess Feedback - Patron, payment and other stuff. #10

I am fine with the patron status and everything but I would like to have my star back in the profile. I enjoyed it immensely everytime I gazed at it.

by oerpli
Lichess Feedback - Site unavailable often #1

In the last time I often encounter problems with the site when playing games. There appears a disconnect message even though the internet is working fine for everything else and I lose the game due to…

by oerpli
Lichess Feedback - Racing kings rating plot white #1

The color should maybe changed to black for the white theme - it's not visible currently.

by oerpli
Lichess Feedback - Complaint: My tournament opponents are much more highly-rated than I am #8

you're paired against ppl with similar points as you have. if you played way more games you could be paired against better performing opponents. from my personal experience in this tournament: i usua…

by oerpli
Lichess Feedback - Analysis board not working #2

I have the same problem at the moment.

by oerpli