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Lichess Feedback - WTF Lichess , where was my notification? #17

+1 to the idea of event notifications with an option to toggle them off.

by oddskill
Lichess Feedback - WTF Lichess , where was my notification? #7

I only noticed it because it was talked about on irc, so yes, that could have been promoted more, ads are not always bad, anyways thanks for all the cool stuff, it's just meant as feedback.

by oddskill
General Chess Discussion - Happy new year #2

yah happy new year everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by oddskill
Lichess Feedback - You guys really like messing up lichess #14

i know it sounds silly but its probably a GPL license problem

by oddskill
Lichess Feedback - Lichess BROKE my game again!!!!!! #6

Ken you miss out the best site to play if you leave lichess. The Glitches like the ones you ran in are super rare.

by oddskill
Lichess Feedback - Groundbreaking improvement of local analysis #4

thumbs up

by oddskill
General Chess Discussion - Merry Christmas ! #19

Merry Christmas everybody. Or if in doubt give happy Hanky a try. regards Odd

by oddskill
Lichess Feedback - Feature request: set number of visible threats/site in forum #1

It would be great if it was possible to set how much threads should be displayed per site in forum, like 10,50,100,all. Because pressing the site numbers on small devices sucks. regards oddskill

by oddskill
Game analysis - Anybody interested in free chess lessons? #7

I'd like free lessons for doing beta testing too. regards oddskill

by oddskill
Lichess Feedback - Pieces stuck when board zoomed, Android Chrome. #1

For me Pieces are not movable/selectable after zooming website. After zooming out everything is ok again. Tested doing training/tactics Android 4.4.2 Chrome 42 regards oddskill

by oddskill