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Lichess Feedback - "Puzzles" training repeated puzzles between computer and mobile#3

That may be true, jb2shoes, but just to be clear that is a separate problem from the one I described in my original post.

Lichess Feedback - "Puzzles" training repeated puzzles between computer and mobile#1

Hi all! I use both lichess in a browser window on my computer, and on the lichess app on my mobile phone (ios). When I do training "puzzles" on the computer browser, then later attempt to do puzzle…

Lichess Feedback - Live chat/notification feature for Teams?#1

I'm looking for something of a more close-knit community feeling on lichess... so, I find that "teams" can be joined. Unfortunately it seems to me that teams are just a place where you can have a cust…

Lichess Feedback - "Advanced Search" PGN download unavailable?#1

I'm interested in bulk downloading a lot of user games played over the past year on lichess to try to look for trends. I've tried the advanced search feature but the PGN download button tells me this …

Lichess Feedback - Please save tactics trainer history!#1

I've posted this before, but I would *love* if complete tactics trainer history were stored and viewable somewhere. I spend most of my time on this site on the tactics trainer, and I'd like to see my …