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Lichess Feedback - Dev Ops Feedback#1

Hey all, greatly appreciate all the amazing work put into this app. It's really come a long way. And, of course, the price cannot be beat! :) I would not change anything about the app itself. My on…

Lichess Feedback - Perfect website / iPad version#10

I second that. The iPad support is very buggy. I don't care if there is a mobile version per se. However, I would love to see the interface work properly with mobile browsers.

General Chess Discussion - long time controls#6

Lement: Ratings are kept digitally in OTB, but that's not the point. There is usually money at stake, or title norms. If someone wants to run down his own time in a real tournament... great! Also, …

General Chess Discussion - long time controls#2

Hey Rafila, there are as many reasons as there are players. For me, long games are serious games. They are mentally draining. I don't think it's a great idea to spend one's leisure time in deep cal…

Lichess Feedback - Rules#4

Someone abused by racists, I presume?

Lichess Feedback - Safari still reconnecting#38

For me, the site goes through streaks of reloading and reconnecting constantly as well. I think it has to do with server load. Like right now - my ping is spiking from 100 to 5000ms or more. This i…