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General Chess Discussion - Did a human just defeat the stockfish 8 engine without cheat? #2

In chat, Soultego talks of playing this line vs SF many games and found SF misplays with 12. ... gxh6. He played several games and lost, even with the mistake by SF, before finding the best continuati…

by mdinnerspace
General Chess Discussion - Magnus vs lichess players 0-1? #3

Going 90-61 (final score? ..I thought a few draws) vs Tang is an achievement nobody else in the world could attain, once again showing Magnus is the worlds best at any time control. BTW, the time co…

by mdinnerspace
General Chess Discussion - Repetitive Check to Get a Draw #11

Semantics ... A "Right" is a freedom that is protected. There are many rights that could be considered essential in a democratic state. Five major rights are freedom of speech, the right to a fair…

by mdinnerspace
General Chess Discussion - Repetitive Check to Get a Draw #9

No need to be sorry. Asking such questions is an attribute. Many do not take the consideration and think their perspective is the only one that matters. Unfortunately, ethics, sportsmanship are term…

by mdinnerspace
General Chess Discussion - Repetitive Check to Get a Draw #7

Selecting a chess move to make has nothing to do with "rights", but rather choosing the best move available, which often is forcing a draw. Play any available move, everybody is free to do so. It doe…

by mdinnerspace
General Chess Discussion - Repetitive Check to Get a Draw #4

Often sacrificing a piece, forcing the opponent to capture, otherwise risking losing himself, leads to a perpetual and forcing the draw. It is a saving "motif" (chess composition) in many a chess …

by mdinnerspace
Lichess Feedback - Lichess, where did the name come from? #3

in English: lee-chess ... a long e

by mdinnerspace
Lichess Feedback - premoves must be banned else charge them one second #2

One second on every move is nonsense as players OTB are easily capable of making several moves in less than one second.

by mdinnerspace
Lichess Feedback - Feature Request: Tournament Performance Should NOT Drop After Beating A Low Rated Player ! #6

Glicko 2 definitely has a few faults in the way it rewards points. I think much of it has to do with ease of programming and system maintenance rather than "fairness", which can be subjective in atte…

by mdinnerspace
Lichess Feedback - Most wanted features #12

Players are capable of making several moves in under one second in OTB play. Premoving has been around for a long time, unlikely it will ever be done away with or not made an available option. Separa…

by mdinnerspace