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General Chess Discussion - Chess Burns 6000 Calories a day!#11

What I read, whereever it was, was specifically talking about gm's during tournament days. Thinking about it now I'd guess the source, assuming it even exists, was talking about stress but writer kind…

General Chess Discussion - Will playing other chess-like games make me bad at chess?#6

I don't think it would anymore than learning Spanish would mess up a Brazilian's Portuguese. If it affected it at all, I think it would just be because you weren't playing as much chess

Lichess Feedback - Dubrovny/Zagreb style piece options#1

I play with a zagreb set OTB and would like to see a more neutral theme for that style than the dubrovny. Black and white, not so cartoony. It's a pretty ridiculous request in light of all the great c…

Lichess Feedback - Request for access to other's puzzle dashboard#7

I would really like this. I think it should be private by default, but when I work with stronger players it'd be cool for them to see those stats. @nameno1had thibaut said they weren't going to put up…