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Lichess Feedback - 20 seconds too long #1

I find the 20 seconds wait too long, the courtesy time when a game starts, before the game is aborted if one player doesn't make the first move. Wasn't this shorter before? 10s max would probably do.…

by linuxinside
Lichess Feedback - puzzle bug? #2

on more puzzle bug here: it's a mate in 2...

by linuxinside
Lichess Feedback - puzzle bug? #1

Hi, in this puzzle (note: board is reversed): Rc4 should be a good move but it's rejected. Engine confirms. I think that the problem may be that in the o…

by linuxinside
Lichess Feedback - Detailed suggestions list for over-the-board play on the mobile app #3

+1 for chess clock thanks

by linuxinside
Lichess Feedback - [feature request]: best score ever #2

PS: apologies, I meant "best rating" ever achieved for that chess variant, not best score. Thanks.

by linuxinside
Lichess Feedback - [feature request]: best score ever #1

Hi, the profile page on the left shows the current score for different chess variants, and the ranking. I suggest also adding the best score ever achieved for that player in that variant. If too crowd…

by linuxinside
Lichess Feedback - [feature request]: candlestick rating chart #1

Hi, the current rating plot in users' profile picks just one rating per day, and does not display the fact that during that day the user may have reached much higher or lower scores. I suggest impleme…

by linuxinside
Lichess Feedback - training board size problems #1

Hi, it looks like the board size cannot be changed in the training section of lichess, by using the theming popup on top-right window.

by linuxinside
Lichess Feedback - abort vs resign #1

The abort button (the "x" before move 1 has been made) is dangerously close to the resign button which appears after move 1. I wanted to abort a game at move 1, then the other player moved while I was…

by linuxinside
Lichess Feedback - Reconnection woes #2

Same problem here, please fix clock.

by linuxinside