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284 posts found

Game analysis - Why is maintaining the pin bad? #7

I could very well have missed it if I hadn't paid attention, especially given that I never play d4. That being said, b7 has been undefended for a while now, and Qb3 is a fairly common move after c…

by lecw
Game analysis - Why is maintaining the pin bad? #4

It really is mostly that, yes. Certainly, it's also related (slightly) to the fact that that pin isn't doing much otherwise. You're not threatening to win the knight, the knight can actually move s…

by lecw
Game analysis - Why is maintaining the pin bad? #2

Because taking the knight leads to an advantage, while maintaining the pin doesn't. Accurate play would press the advantage. The advantage is Bxf6 Bxf6 cxd5 exd5 Qb3. Now white wins one of the d5 o…

by lecw
General Chess Discussion - Artificially increasing FIDE rating? #5

How about someone at FIDE reviews the monthly changes and has a warning triggered by anyone whose rating grows by more than 400 points, so that he can check if it's legit (= new rating ~ performance).…

by lecw
Lichess Feedback - CrazyHouse is crazy af! #8

@Mollus Notice that Stockfish for Horde doesn't evaluate quite in the same way as SF for classical, e.g. pawn structure is not evaluated the same, there is a bonus to black for getting to the first ra…

by lecw
Game analysis - Masterful game in which me gained 30 rating points ! me ! #2

Good job, good luck to you in the future !

by lecw
Atomic Chess League - Suggestions #4

"Against team members" : that was not my question, my question is, what if I play Iubar in the Daily Arena. Does it count ? If yes, should one of us, or both, report it ? To you by PM, or in some dedi…

by lecw
Atomic Chess League - Suggestions #2

I don't entirely get it and there's no "Clarifications" pinned thread. Are the games played "outside the league" (in the lichess wild) meant to count for this parallel ranking ? If any one player …

by lecw
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - I Now Have The r/atomicchess ! #5

So how does it go ?

by lecw
Lichess Feedback - Question: Is intentionally playing against low rated players boosting ? #2

Yes, why not ? Also, it's not easy at you make it sound. At some point, X's rating will barely move anymore (beating 1500s you'll only gain 1 point at a time, if that, when in the 2200s). And his r…

by lecw