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Atomic Chess Theoreticians - Is black ok after 1. Nf3 f6 2. e3 d5 3. Ng5 fxg5 4. Qh5+ g6 5. Qe5 Be6 6. Qxc7 ? #2

one relevant game
@nevergonnaberserk you're more than welcome to develop your comments at or provide a link to such analysis, since you're

by lecw
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - How to defend with black ? #4

Try 9... dxe4. After 10. fxg4 Nf6 you'll be fine.

by lecw
Game analysis - MAN VS MACHINE #8

Kudos @nikolajtesla for actually taking on the challenge.

by lecw
Game analysis - opening trap i have just found in modern defense #9

Yes @ProfDrHack. During tournaments, it's interesting to analyse the just-happened games while keeping playing, especially in variants. Particularly against original openings in atom and 3+, or to thi

by lecw
Game analysis - Kind of "Hope Chess" tactics #4

Certainly there's nothing wrong with making the Qa3 check before attending at the f1 rook, and then it's perfectly okay to grab a pawn while making mating threats, still before fixing f1. Black could

by lecw
Game analysis - Horde Rules ?? #4

Stalemate happens when your opponent has no remaining legal moves. That he has a king with no squares to go, or no king at all, doesn't matter.
It's not "stalemate of king". In classical, if a kin

by lecw
Lichess Feedback - Please introduce the "Play My Favorite Format" button #2

Supposedly if you have one Favorite Format you can keep playing just it, and then you can use the "Play a New Opponent" button ?
If you're constantly changing the variant/tc you play, then why do y

by lecw
Game analysis - MAN VS MACHINE #4

Do you have an idea how much thinking time is Correspondence Stockfish lvl8 allowed ?
+1 to #5

by lecw
General Chess Discussion - Which endgames should you practice? A statistical analysis #20

+1 to everything tpr said, especially >3 pawns and QvR.
I would say <9 men or <13 material each makes the position an endgame.
Not that it would change the fact that most endgames are rook end

by lecw
General Chess Discussion - Antichess? #10

@breakreign, ever played atomic ? I can tell you memorization will get you a LOT further in atom than in anti.
From all variants RK is least like chess, with the king being invincible. Mo

by lecw