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297 posts found

Game analysis - Casual rapid game #5

Moves 20-25 it looks like you would need a plan. Up to that point you unambitiously traded everything, which is not bad per se, but doesn't win games either. Instead of Be3 and Bf4 which achieve nothi…

by lecw
Game analysis - Casual rapid game #3

I think it's called a vanity review what OP is asking for. @Irishman964 You should review games that you lost instead.

by lecw
Game analysis - Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory #7

Ah, right. Well, yeah, it doesn't matter that you take without takeback. What matters is that you are two pawns up. You welcome trading queens (trading anything really), when you are two pawns up.

by lecw
Game analysis - Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory #5

What Tyrion said. Moves 22 to 24 seem key to me to this game, the point where you lost focus (should have taken more time/ a pause to refocus maybe ?) : - e6 is very bad : before it your structu…

by lecw
General Chess Discussion - Weird draw in three-check #2

looks like an old bug, or a result-recording bug in an old game. The game was played "only" a year after the variant was at all introduced on lichess.

by lecw
General Chess Discussion - Best Plan and time organisation to improve #11

@Roibabax Kenzaburo is right. Doesn't mean he himself is trying to improve beyond his current level, or otherwise doing what he says. Also tpr's advice is super sound. Now how on earth are you 2…

by lecw
Lichess Feedback - Who is the best Lichess player? #14

This is already implemented : there are trophies for achievements, and you can count who has the most trophies (or the largest row of them). As #3 suggests, this is likely to be penguin (https://li…

by lecw
General Chess Discussion - ChessCash Donated Prize Money Blitz Tournament series #21

Yeah, #15 is right. @michuk give us a link, come on. What even is your website.

by lecw
General Chess Discussion - Lichess Montréal Meetup 2018 Report #11

Had a blast :) #2 lots of bughouse was played... we tried :') @thibault I can't PM you here, where should I reach you ?

by lecw
Game analysis - Unusual moves vs. "pattern recognition" #3

Ne5 works just as well as the oddity though.

by lecw