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Lichess Feedback - MADNESS #1

Good Day! its my connection again...please Im begging this matter,I alway been ban because of connection

by kingsolver2018
Lichess Feedback - Im sad #1

Im Ban again,its my connection if you are going to check my game record Im so really want to play

by kingsolver2018
General Chess Discussion - want to join #1

Good Day! Hi! lichess Can we request regarding the tournament this coming saturday,hopefully there will be a part from even its not a tittled player even a local player can join the tournament or …

by kingsolver2018
Lichess Feedback - really mad #4

Thank you so much Mr.Foxking and to the lichess,now I am very happy,because I can play now...Merry Xmas lichess STAFF.

by kingsolver2018
Lichess Feedback - really mad #3

Hi! Foxking,thank you or the response can you help me for this? Its again 9 hours...what happen to this? Is this a threat the Im gonna ban forever?Because its time bigger everytime that Im going to ch…

by kingsolver2018
Lichess Feedback - really mad #1

now 7 hours...thank you so much lichess

by kingsolver2018
Lichess Feedback - sadness again #1

before I send a message its still a 5 hours but now 6 hours is lichess mad at me?

by kingsolver2018
Lichess Feedback - madness #1

I am ban or 28 hours and then after 2 hours and then when I check its 3 hours again and then when I check again its 5 hours....this very rediculus I really want to play because its disappear my stress…

by kingsolver2018
Lichess Feedback - bad connection #1

Hi! I would like to send a message regarding my Ban here in lichess Actually Im not letting go my time its a matter o my connection o the internet,chess is my happiness but im ban or 28 hours...please…

by kingsolver2018
Lichess Feedback - tournaments #1

Good Day! I would like to ask what happen to the tournament format,the previous format is very good...thanks and Godbless lichess

by kingsolver2018