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360 posts found

Francophone - Paris #8

Dans la liste suivante des clubs sur Paris, on en trouve six ouverts 7 jours sur 7, et deux ouverts 6 jours sur 7 ( il faut regarder la colonne "JO" ) :…

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - OH CAPABLANCA #2

Beware of the small bishop.

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - Getting Rid of Premove #2

But we're humans, Just a bunch of monkeys on a big blue spinning ball . Insanity is not a rare occurrence.

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - Requesting a take back - what is the common approach? #8

In Inuit culture, Qalupaliks are human-like creatures with long hair, green skin, and long finger nails that live in the sea. They carry away people who break the rules of society in a unforgivable wa…

by kifaru
Off-Topic Discussion - #18

Rules of international draughts are on the site: Official rules from the international federation:

by kifaru
Off-Topic Discussion - #15

It's 10x10 international draughts. Excellent!

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - How to get better at endgames? #8

Understanding Chess Endgames is indeed one of the best endgame book out there and studying it carefully is enough to have a good understanding of endgames, provided you have a lot of practice. So …

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - Too many chess books? #8

Maybe skills is more important than knowledge.

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - Bridge from A to Strong Master #2

genetics ?

by kifaru
Off-Topic Discussion - Types of music that may match game story #2

I'm pretty sure all the game I win are tuned to the soundtrack of Stairway To Heaven.

by kifaru