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Search "user:kifaru"

345 posts found

General Chess Discussion - How do I get my Daughter to Love Chess? Pt. 1 #2

I have only one advice. Your daughter is not a mini-you. Let her be herself.

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - Ettiquette re: take-backs and offering draws #19

In the Old West, Indians would often settle disagreements between tribes by playing a friendly game of chess while smoking a peace pipe. But if someone asked for a take back at any point, he would be…

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - looking for chess books out of copyrights #7

You can find a few downloadable pdf with this link if you scroll down the page:

by kifaru
Off-Topic Discussion - favourite train journey #3

Nairobi-Mombasa by night. Only for the women singing in the darkness. Magic

by kifaru
Off-Topic Discussion - Takebacks... #10

In northwestern parts of the amazonian rain forest, witnessing someone asking for take-back is considered a bad omen bringing bad luck to the tribe. In order to appease the spirits, the culprit will b…

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - Takeback should be removed from classical chess #11

In some countries, takebacks are seen as a sign of moral decrepitude and offenders can be sentenced to be whipped up to 20 times in front of an angry crowd.

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - Opening chess book (Help) #6

Sergey Kasparov: "Understanding the Scandinavian" has this kind of approach of teaching with games, if the Scandi is your thing.

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - King, Bishop, and Knight vs. King speedrun #5

Deletang's triangles method makes it much easier to go to a position where you can also apply the classical W method if you want. Of course, once you know it perfectly, you will find six month later …

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - Takebacks #18

In the Old West, people asking for take-back were properly punished with tar and feathers.

by kifaru
General Chess Discussion - How to find model games to study #3

For structures, you could have a look at: Chess Structures: A Grandmaster Guide, by Mauricio Flores Rios pdf excerpt here:…

by kifaru