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423 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Curious about a position #7

Black needs to develop his queen side pieces and get more center control, and e5 is the best way to free the bishop. The other route, playing b6 and c5, is slower and not as effective. The e5 break …

by jonesmh
Game analysis - how can we analyze a lost game ? #15

I must disagree with #14. Even at my level, I find many mistakes that need to be corrected. If this wasn't true, I'd be a super GM. Concerning the original game, there was still a fight left unti…

by jonesmh
Game analysis - how can we analyze a lost game ? #9

A suggestion I forgot to mention: although finding mistakes in a lost game is easier, you should still analyze your wins and draws to find better moves/plans.

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - The problem with puzzles, and a better approach #3

ChessHero is able to select from any position from various games provided. There are also other puzzles than the obvious tactical ones, which allows more advanced players to evaluate minor positional…

by jonesmh
Game analysis - how can we analyze a lost game ? #2

You are supposed to find your mistakes and find a better move/plan. This can be applied to every move. 12: What stands out for me is the mass of pawns on the king side. I would start pushing these…

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Neat "puzzle" from Reddit #2

I find this an interesting rumor. A drunk Alekhine drunk was playing a simul, and he moved a knight from one board placed it on the adjacent board delivering mate on both boards.

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - How can i find lots of tactics and cheap puzzles problems (except internet) ? #5 has ten PDFs aimed toward beginners. a list of books that may b…

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Chess is Racist #3

My set is green and blue. Does this mean that planet Jupiter is better?

by jonesmh
Game analysis - English opening #8

I'll play as either colour at any time control, however there's no reason to play rated.

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Learning from Masters #6

To expand what @tpr said, a good player doesn't make a good coach. Although I have a higher rating, I'm not good at explaining the concepts. Thinking Techniques (written by Dr. Ferguson ~ 1982) B…

by jonesmh