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333 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Why if we have U2000 marathon blitz #9

I would like a under 2149 tournament as I could be the highest rated. Even better would be limiting it to one where people with one of the 5 most popular names could enter. Instead of making it easi

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - chess paralysis #7

I only find myself with no good move when the position is drawn, or I'm losing badly. Study games of masters, especially when they play you opening/defense, and learn what plans they adopt.

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - chess lessns #2

I have experience with the law, but that doesn't make me a lawyer.

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Bc4 vs Bb5 #12

The Berlin is a great example of black's only ambition is a draw. Before Krammik revived it, it was considered a weak defense which black struggled for a draw. Deeper analysis has changed this evalu

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Bc4 vs Bb5 #10

To expand on Dr_King_Schultz, the bishop is safer on b3 than on c4. The attack by playing d5 is the easier example, and the attack by Na5 is rare but also effective. By having the bishop on b3 also

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Bc4 vs Bb5 #6

Robin22, I would feel neutral as this line is average for white, just as a Giuoco Piano would be. The strange point is that the Two Knights Defense is considered better for black than Ruy Lopez, the

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Bc4 vs Bb5 #4

There are good lines against 3. Bc4. 3. Bb5 is more aggressive and leads to more lasting pressure.

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - What was the first opening you learned and do you still play it? #4

Bird's, Alekhine, and Stonewall. Today, some 30 years later, I play the Max Lange, Sicilian Accelerated Dragon, and Noteboom. I play almost any opening when playing less than 30 minutes.

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Puzzles like this #5

I always check all checks, no matter how bad they look. Analyzing these seemingly bad moves is what keeps me from losing many games. Expecting unexpected moves is one aspect of a stronger player.

by jonesmh
Game analysis - What's your favorite swindle? #2

I can't remember the actual game, but I believe Evans playing white pulled off the swindle. He moved his queen from something like f2 and placed it on a1 with check. This illegal move saved his game

by jonesmh