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357 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Implementation of Best move percentage in analysis mode #2

I'm not sure what you're asking, as the computer does give it's evaluation for every move. A similar idea is to print out which ranking your move is, ie, you played the fourth best move, or just list…

by jonesmh
Lichess Feedback - Tournament quotations tab #2

There is already a display of your current tournament standing. I think that the chat and quotes are distracting. I think that the current games are more interesting than what some pathetic human on…

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - A funny evaluation from Stockfish. #9

@ENOIZISOP Chess positions can't be copyrighted. Chess games can't be copyrighted.

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - If you were a Chess Piece, Which Piece Would you be? #5

The pawn has the most potential. The knight has the jumping ability. The queen is very influential. (jk: but only a woman.) The king is the leader, but very vulnerable. The bishop has limited ab…

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Please enlighten me. Why did this draw? #3

Move 68 was the last capture or pawn move. The game is drawn due to the 50-move rule. Also note that on move 67, Rxe3 is slightly better and exploits that the black rook is overloaded.

by jonesmh
Game analysis - ungrateful #3

If this applies, then you should be banned for unsportsmanlike conduct.

by jonesmh
Lichess Feedback - Tagging in forum #3

I only tag to ask a question or to correct a mistake or, in rare cases, to praise the poster for a great insight. I use the tag--and normally a post number--to alert other readers to what I'm talking…

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Tips on Evaluating a Position/Calculating #2

This is very subjective, but a piece-by piece comparison is probably best without knowing the exact position. Compare each knight with it's corresponding knight and decide which is better placed--eve…

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Attack or defence #6

Playing in positions where you feel uncomfortable will only decrease you rating and passion for chess. Play as defensively as you want but don't start playing passively.

by jonesmh
General Chess Discussion - Ideas in Alekhine Defense, Brooklyn Variation #14

In your posted game, 11...Qe4+ wins the e5-pawn due to the fork, so your opening lines are fine. offers better insights.

by jonesmh