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Lichess Feedback - Turn off quotes.#5

Melora, I'm using an analogy to make a point. Yes I know about AdBlock and I don't wish to open a thread on that topic. Please stick to the original topic. The point is, I believe it would be nice to…

Lichess Feedback - Turn off quotes.#3

Melora, your comments are useless. I suppose you like pop up ads too? What is your advice about pop up ads? Don't look at them? Not helpful.

Lichess Feedback - Turn off quotes.#1

Is it possible to not receive quotes at the end of every game? I don't mind having the option of clicking on the quote tab to see them, but I'd rather not have them thrust before me after every game.

Lichess Feedback - Bug Report: Unable to make move. Thinks I'm trying to premove.#1

In this game: several times I wasn't able to make a move even though my clock was ticking down. Instead I got a message instructing about how to click anywhere do undo …

Lichess Feedback - No credit for mate in 5 instead of mate in 4#1

Recently I tried this puzzle: and saw the motif Nf6+ leading to mate. No credit. Because it takes a whopping one move more to checkmate. Interesting that lichess…