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Search "user:janosopeligroso"

207 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Whats a good chess book #5

Makaraga dabalou amout - keep progression patzer.

by janosopeligroso
Lichess Feedback - Please add Polynesia or Hawaiian Kingdom to the countries #10

Mukabelu once was in hawaii and met these tongoluese men at a party. They had woofers and smackdeburg toad. They waved there flag ans was happy line drognausurs.

by janosopeligroso
Game analysis - How do I prevent the scholars mate when I play the Sicilian defence #11

Mukabelu think this is a good grappo... play muc f6 not. Horse out first.

by janosopeligroso
Game analysis - Bg2-f1 Bullet trick :P #10

Mukabelu find this amusing. Mukabelu sometimes use these on his own. He is filled with delight like a rosted tycoon.

by janosopeligroso
Game analysis - One of my best games `1700 vs 2100 #2

Its like a cybermunk. Caro -ca n is for mukabula. But you played well munk. Gone for parpatual.

by janosopeligroso
General Chess Discussion - Considering to start a blog on chess #9

Cool dude. Nice job. Keep it going.

by janosopeligroso
General Chess Discussion - looking for chess books out of copyrights #12

How to win with the slabak

by janosopeligroso
Game analysis - I've just found out that I don't know how to checkmate with king and queen #14


by janosopeligroso
General Chess Discussion - will I make 2100(lichess rapid) ? help!! #18

You will reach 1700-1800 quite fast. From there its a bit mor tricky. But to play many games against higher rated player (2100+) ans then learn from mistakes.. look ing for opening setups and get a St…

by janosopeligroso
General Chess Discussion - will I make 2100(lichess rapid) ? help!! #7

i put the clock on you /mukabelu

by janosopeligroso