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Lichess Feedback - Lichess Trainer - Knight + Bishop#6

I was definitely looking at Ng6+ the move before, too

Lichess Feedback - Lichess Trainer - Knight + Bishop#1

I was reviewing the chess lessons and saw the knight + bishop endgame. It's one of my favorite endgames, so I clicked it to play through it. From this position in particular:…

Lichess Feedback - Chess Variants#1

Hello, Would it be possible to add a "Continue from here" link from the analysis board when playing out positions in chess variants? If not, is there a way to clearly state the "winner" of a chess …

Lichess Feedback - Premoves in correspondence games#1

Hello, Recently I've been having difficulty setting premoves in correspondence games - particularly longer strings of moves. I click play -move- and set however many premoves but the thing keeps sp…

Lichess Feedback - Analysis Board Issues#1

Hello all, I am probably doing something wrong, but I seem to be unable to set up positions in variants other than standard via the GUI method (I have to use FEN). This isn't a really big deal but …

Lichess Feedback - Is 0+1 actually 3s+1?#6

On FICS the initial time in 0|1 is 10 seconds.

Lichess Feedback - Is this a bug: capturing a promoted pawn in crazyhouse?#3

Long story short, it is not a bug. Promoted pawns go back to being pawns if captured.

Game analysis - ZERO Inaccuracies, Mistakes, and Blunders!#12

right, it's not really "zero mistakes", up to a certain point the computer analysis won't really do you much good

Game analysis - ZERO Inaccuracies, Mistakes, and Blunders!#7

well done