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Lichess Bots - Endgame Tablebases #4

There is public API for lichess tablebase server. See

by gbtami
Lichess Feedback - Chat between player and spectators #16

Good idea! Players can send chat messages to the spectators on FICS/ICC also. It is useful in educational games when a higher rated player commenting hes own thinking to the crowd. This is similar to…

by gbtami
Lichess Feedback - bug: graph "move times" is empty when importing games to (PGN including moves times!) #2

Try to import as a study.

by gbtami
Lichess Feedback - OpenTal chess engine #4

Just let you know, that using and a free plan on you can make your BOT always online.

by gbtami
Lichess Bots - Endgame Tablebases #2

You can use

by gbtami
Lichess Feedback - Moderating logics #8

@Alttius these are the rules on lichess (ToS). If you are not able to accept them, don't use lichess. Easy.

by gbtami
General Chess Discussion - I am the fastest player on Lichess #54

@lim_lim_dim_gim if I want to watch fast chess, I choose @DrDrunkenstein games instead. It contains little bit more chess. Sry :)

by gbtami
Lichess Feedback - [Feature request ] ⅛+0 time control #416

You can play in ultra bullet arenas like and berserk. But I can't see your name there :)

by gbtami
General Chess Discussion - I am the fastest player on Lichess #10

@Chesstroll_Ingot just go to and prove! :)

by gbtami
Crazyhouse Engine Development and Game Analyses - New Crazyhouse Engine Tournament #6

There are some other crazyhouse engines playing on lichess: operated by and operated by me. …

by gbtami