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Lichess Feedback - [Idea] Centaur 2v2 mode#3

Its definetly possible stockfish might make a wrong move in higher ranked games. But as a general rule, it should be picking the better move.

Lichess Feedback - [Idea] Centaur 2v2 mode#1

2v2 mode would work like this: Let's say its white to move. Both players have 20 seconds to select a move. During this time, StockFish runs an analysis. Once both players moved, or the time is up, …

Lichess Feedback - Idea: Material handicap match#3

But what from i understand, this can only be done by playing with a friend. I think it would be fun to be able to play it in public games.

Lichess Feedback - Idea: Material handicap match#1

I think material handicap matches on lichess could be fun. Here is a few ways it could work: #1 In simuls. The creator could either give himself a material advantage, or give the players of the s…