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Search "user:fast-tsunami"

13 posts found

Atomic WC - AWC 2017 It's Final Time! #11

Oh, sad that I missed it live, didn't know it already happened. Congratz Arka! good job for reaching the finals Onu!

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic WC - fast-tsunami-Feeglood 5.5-0.5 #4

incredibly lucky series for me...

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic WC - daugava - fast-tsunami (0,5-5,5) #1

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6…

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - Atomic World Championship #7

Amazing idea, i certainly would be interested and would help with what I can to make it happen =]

by LM fast-tsunami
Lichess Feedback - Bug on tournment #1

Was playing the Wesley So arena... where you have to make the first move in less than 25 seconds... i was black. Dude waits 24.9 seconds to make his move, and i immediately lose the game when he does.

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - e3? #13

I think it's important to have variety when playing series of games.... just because i think a line is theoretically good it doesn't mean i will overplay it.

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - e3? #10

e3 e6 Nf3 is, as pointed out by pashpash, a good way to avoid the d5 line, though it gives black the extra option of Qf6. but i'm not quite sure black can equalise easily there... e3 is definitely up…

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - Somewhat interesting game, 1. Nh3, 50 moves, adjacent kings endgame #4

for future reference, Qg4 on move 3 wins

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - Atomic analysis #3

a standard chess engine is evaluating the games, no wonder the analysis is weird.

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - PLEASE HELP #3

e3 is fine andreale... in the position you said, try playing c3, Qa4 and Kd1... Ne5 is a strong threat.

by LM fast-tsunami