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Search "user:fast-tsunami"

17 posts found

Off-Topic Discussion - Best Chess Variants #172

+1 atomic -2 horde Bughouse - 21 Crazyhouse - 21 Atomic - 24 Antichess - 19 Three-Check - 19 King of the Hill - 12 Horde - 7 Racing Kings - 9

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - Let's Switch to a Different Starting Position #112

Probably not as great of a memorization frenzy as atomic as it is now :P It would make it a more practical game anyway

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - Let's Switch to a Different Starting Position #110

I don't know if this was suggested at other places... but I really like the idea of players setting their backrank! like, for all variants that would be interesting

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - Stockfish resigns #1

After 100 moves annoying me in this ending, stockfish decides to resign why is that? :O

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic WC - AWC 2017 It's Final Time! #11

Oh, sad that I missed it live, didn't know it already happened. Congratz Arka! good job for reaching the finals Onu!

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic WC - fast-tsunami-Feeglood 5.5-0.5 #4

incredibly lucky series for me...

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic WC - daugava - fast-tsunami (0,5-5,5) #1

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6…

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - Atomic World Championship #7

Amazing idea, i certainly would be interested and would help with what I can to make it happen =]

by LM fast-tsunami
Lichess Feedback - Bug on tournment #1

Was playing the Wesley So arena... where you have to make the first move in less than 25 seconds... i was black. Dude waits 24.9 seconds to make his move, and i immediately lose the game when he does.

by LM fast-tsunami
Atomic Chess Theoreticians - e3? #13

I think it's important to have variety when playing series of games.... just because i think a line is theoretically good it doesn't mean i will overplay it.

by LM fast-tsunami