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Lichess Feedback - messages to winners and losers#1

Sometimes I want to tell my appreciation of a good game to my opponent, and I feel, yet have no proof, it will benefit to him/her playing more. So, in a nice world, with this feature I would get my ki…

General Chess Discussion - Lichess v2 is coming#219

What about back/forward buttons being too close to the list of moves, in analysis editor? I accidentally select a random move too often, when going back and forth by a single move. Nobody else?

Lichess Feedback - Starting rating#6

Please, the problem is not rating points. The issue is with the win to loss ratio. I'm pretty sure I know a kid who tried chess, but all of his first games were losses, so he felt bad and stopped pla…

Lichess Feedback - Starting rating#1

It's hard to play 50% losses, but it's much much worse to start with 80% losses, or similar. I mean, the starting rating is 1500, and the first days were really hard, psychologically. I wanted to stop…