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Search "user:darkhorse_98"

3 posts found

Kristo's Team Chess players - Lessons #1

Hello everyone! I'm Yuriy Krykun, FIDE Master from Ukraine, ELO 2334. I've been coaching online, as well as offline, if you're interested in improving your chess and pushing your skills to the next l…

by FM darkhorse_98
Iran - Coaching #1

Hello everyone! I'm FM Yuriy Krykun from Ukraine, my ELO is 2334. I offer lessons, if you're interested, feel free to shoot me a message! It's quite cheap, and I'm glad to help you!

by FM darkhorse_98
Francophone - Coaching #1

Bonjour a tous! Je m'appelle Yuriy Krykun, FM, je viens d'Ukraine. Il y a deja 2 ans j'apprends francais, et aussi je suis entraineur. Je propose les lecons d'echecs en russe, ukrainien, anglais et f…

by FM darkhorse_98