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Game analysis - Seeking advice on a recent match#2

Hello, 12. Qb3 was premature (wrong plan or did you really think of Qxb7??). 14. d5 clearly misses the threat to your queen and queenside. First stabilize your position in the queenside a bit, before…

Lichess Feedback - ripped of by server#1

Hello, Today I played a game (0+6) and couldn't move a piece on the second move and lost on time... Just after reloading the page (because it hung), I received the message that the site is about to …

Lichess Feedback - Lag#3

moving to chrome for the moment solved the problem

Lichess Feedback - Lag#2

same here...

Lichess Feedback - Lichess chat system - status#30

Is it possible to have the chat on the left/right side of the board. That would be a nice feature especially on wide screens (16:9 or wider) and save about 1/20th of vertical space in the browser. C…

General Chess Discussion - Rating on Lichess and rating in real life.#4

I have 2070 FIDE ELO as of January 2014 and my Rating here goes up and down between 1850 and 2080. But never forget the point pool is different to "official" numbers and most games here are not played…

Lichess Feedback - pgndownloads#4

It would be nice to have all that games in a database, but only if it would be available to all lichess players. Perhaps a database dump every month (that would probably mean about 50Mb in Games) A…