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Search "user:dampooo"

42 posts found

General Chess Discussion - How to improve playing fast? #31

i mess up. A: Kb1, a2, b2, c4. B: Kc2, a3, b2, c4. In short with structure A: You have so many defending options you do not have to spend time thinking how to defend because when the attack is n…

by dampooo
General Chess Discussion - How to improve playing fast? #30

move 21 a3 is the losing blunder from a human point of view. The nice thing about KB1 and a3 is stockfish gives them both around 2,5. you are asking 2 questions. Both have the same answer. How c…

by dampooo
General Chess Discussion - How to improve playing fast? #21

especially with internet chess i suffer from the same leaving pieces and pawns hanging in one. quite a few games i did 15 first or second choice stockfish and then just give away a piece. Not talkin…

by dampooo
Lichess Feedback - Please give us a way to see a list of past games #2

press yourself. press the games button. (you have 90 games and 3 pending) use advanced search to find out whatever you want.

by dampooo
Lichess Feedback - Pieces "dropping" randomly... #9

i do think it is a mouse problem. Sometimes i experience the same problem. Problems: I started using a wire mouse(wireless mouses are just a pain in the ....) again and sometimes the cord needs …

by dampooo
FV Variants World Cup - Calendar Vote #18

looking forward to this tourney. hoping to end between 5 and 10 overall. Need some AA study tho. really like the 3+2 time format and i hope the same format 3 best scores out of 6 tourneys. Ult…

by dampooo
Lichess Feedback - rating refund from 3 to 7 days. #3

thx for your quick reply. my first question is not a question but a suggestion. Problem: Sometimes it takes more then 3 days to get a report progressed. Solution: Make it 7 days for rating r…

by dampooo
Lichess Feedback - rating refund from 3 to 7 days. #1

currently you get rating refund if the cheater is detected within 3 days of your game with it. (engine) I would like to up this to 3 days for the longer time controls. (rapid and turtle) Why. My …

by dampooo
Lichess Feedback - My highest rated victories #2

1: advanced search 2: Winner cheaptought 3: sort by (date is standard) you can select rating

by dampooo
General Chess Discussion - Stockfish says i just played the "perfect" game. #7

congrats, nice game. Can not recall to have seen such low centipawn and 0 game with your rating and without the player turning red. (comp assistance) Clearly you had some advantage with knowing t…

by dampooo