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Search "user:dampooo"

27 posts found

Chess960 Championships - Plan #52

is it too late too join??

by dampooo
Lichess Feedback - Who is the best Lichess player? #34

I think it is close between Opperwezen and Penguin who is the best player. Although Arka won the WC i think he slightly lacks in crazy house and the (extreme)bullet types. Toivok is extreme well i…

by dampooo
General Chess Discussion - So my local school chess coach said to me that I have a chance on getting a rating. #3

i do not know the situation in Australia. We have 4 types of rating. youth local chess club national fide how do you get rating. Join a competition or tournament with rating. The organis…

by dampooo
General Chess Discussion - Horde Deathmatch: svenos vs. StubenFisch #22

why do you play almost all your games with white and only 30 seconds?? @ingrid

by dampooo
General Chess Discussion - Horde Deathmatch: svenos vs. StubenFisch #20

come on ingrid you only have won on time in horde. you are terrible player only time player.......

by dampooo
General Chess Discussion - See this game and judge me #2

when i am accused of cheating i c it as a compliment. your opponent is saying u played so well i think you used some assistance. when looked upon the game i got no feeling you where using compute…

by dampooo
General Chess Discussion - Lichess Marathons #2

Every 3 month there is a marathon. (apart from the variants marathon with is every month a different variant) Time controls are different each time. 3, 3+2, 5+3(sure) and (this one is a guess ) 5…

by dampooo
Game analysis - 293 Moves to Create Art (and 36 Queens) #15

there are only 32 black or white squares so should not be a problem @bot

by dampooo
Game analysis - help for improvement of my lost game OTB #8

It is indeed an unusual opening. look at the position at move 4. you played bishop g4 i really do not like that move although it is stockfish second option. White played nf3 and nd2 e4 and d3. t…

by dampooo
General Chess Discussion - His Pawn Cheated and Killed my Pawn! #3

once i was arbiter at a school chess tournament. this is extreme low level chess. i do not interfere even when 4 different pieces check the king. (yes i have seen this happen) the style of arbiter …

by dampooo