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43 posts found

General Chess Discussion - No classical, weekly, daily and hourly arena in the tournament list #2

The 10+0 arenas are now called Rapid.

by cyanfish
General Chess Discussion - OMFG! STOCKFISH NOOO! ( AlphaZero vs Stockfish ) Thoughts #9

*4 hours of training under 5064 TPUs
That's millions of dollars of hardware.

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Deprecation of pnacl #2

Lichess has a WebAssembly version of Stockfish already (it's used in Firefox). All it needs is for WebAssembly to support multiple threads, which should hopefully happen some time before the PNACL pha

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Playing against cheater in correspondence #2

You can just resign. It won't affect your rating.

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Analysis Board Glitch #7

It also looks like this will be fixed if you install the Fall Creators Update for Windows, but I can't confirm that yet.
Edit: Yes, the Fall Creators Update enables WASM as well, even without that

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Analysis Board Glitch #6

In Edge, try typing "about:flags" in the address bar, and under Experimental Features/JavaScript, check "Enable experimental JavaScript features".
It looks like Edge has a stability issue with the

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - possible bug in chess insights? #5

For #1, by adding or excluding games, you will change which ranges are used for the dates, which would make direct comparison difficult.
For #2, I'm not sure, maybe you have very few bullet games a

by cyanfish
General Chess Discussion - Does such a variant exist? #2

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Rating Inflation & Brand New Accounts. This is not a Cry thread. #4

I think you have a misunderstanding of how the rating system works. You can read about it in detail on the wikipedia page and its links (, but it's p

by cyanfish
General Chess Discussion - Can"t play any tournament about more week #3

Make sure your system's clock has the correct time and date.

by cyanfish