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Search "user:cyanfish"

58 posts found

General Chess Discussion - just what are the times for blitz and rapid ? #2

It's based on 40 moves. Starting time + increment * 40 Have a look at

by cyanfish
Lone Wolf 30+30 - LoneWolf #10 #1

Registration is open for LoneWolf #10! It is an 11 round swiss tournament running from Feb 26 to May 14. You can join or withdraw at any time. Fir…

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - How come Lichess flag button won't work #2

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - No points refund #5

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Cannot Access Lichess on Institute Network #2

Your institute network may use a MITM proxy to intercept secure traffic. This means your connection to lichess is insecure, so Firefox won't allow it, which is what it's supposed to do. I'm not sur…

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Why don't we see rating changes in tournaments anymore ? #5

Performance rating is the tiebreaker now

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - My account has been hacked or it's a Lichess bug? #2

You can check

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Where is 960? #2

On the homepage, click the "Create a game" button. Under "Variant", choose "Chess960".

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Formatting problems in Chrome, trying to list meself as streamer #4

Thibault pushed a fix, this should be working now.

by cyanfish
Lichess Feedback - Where are the rules of all the variants in Lichess? #8

The sidebar on the left can be used to look at different ones. But yeah, I don't know if there's a link directly to

by cyanfish