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Lichess Feedback - I want some new features in iOS app#3

@pepellou said in #2: > You can report feature requests on github: > Thank you for this. I was going to add a few thi…

Lichess Feedback - Suggestion: Mobile Site/iPad Live Events View#1

It's a small and somewhat nitpicking suggestion, but could the live events page be updated for mobile display (e.g. iPad landscape mode) to show the boards on one side of the screen and the live chat …

General Chess Discussion - Does anyone play chess as an outlet for anxiety?#12

It started out that way, but typically it raises my anxiety. :)

Lichess Feedback - We need to make lichess community more equal.#8

This is one of the most racist and sexist things I've ever read. You're flat-out saying that women and certain ethnic groups aren't capable of success in chess on their own merits, so we have to make …

General Chess Discussion - Announcing the Lichess World Championship#8

This is top tier! Love it! Plus, Magnus has never beaten me. I therefore declare myself Galactic Chess Champion!

Lichess Feedback - iOS App and "Magic" Keyboard Trackpad Support#1

Hello! I've tried using the lichess iOS app with the Apple Magic Keyboard trackpad on an iPad Pro and it won't work. The cursor changes to a vertical bar and won't allow me to select any of the UI ele…