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Lichess Feedback - Embedding games in websites#7

Yeah I saw that there are PGNs available for games, but I had thought maybe that was only available when you're analyzing games after they're played. I do believe thibault added FEN notation too, so u…

Lichess Feedback - Embedding games in websites#5

Yes a live PGN url would be easy enough to incorporate into your website.

Lichess Feedback - Embedding games in websites#4

Something like "challenge me" that allows guests to play a game with you. Of course you'd have to be logged in to your lichess account for that to work.

Lichess Feedback - Embedding games in websites#1

A feature to show games you're playing live on your website would be nice... or maybe a way for a visitor to join a game if you're logged in and not playing.

Game analysis - Computer chess analysis#7

I used pychess on when i dual-booted fedora, and I had installed stockfish to play against. But i'm not sure if pychess allows for engine analysis of games (probably does).

Lichess Feedback - Request: Opponent leaves game... option to abort#1

When an opponent leaves a game please add an option to abort the game (in addition to the existing force resignation). I don't want to count the game a win when the opponent left 2 moves in.