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6 posts found

General Chess Discussion - is promoting all of your extra pawns to knights good sportsmanship in tournaments? #55

Absolutely acceptable and you should do so if allowed. Because that means your opponent disrespect you in the first place.

by FM bank2010
General Chess Discussion - Fairly difficult imbalance question #9

These are 'general' guidelines 2R > Q+P 2B > B+N or N+N B+N > R+P Q+N > Q+B R+B > R+N 2 minor pieces > R+P 3 minor pieces > Q I would say facing Q is better than 2R but it really depends …

by FM bank2010
General Chess Discussion - How to get better at chess #3

Focus on opening and middle game plan in that opening. Play the mainline. Play just one or two opening at a time until you feel proficient you can try new system. For starter, 15+10 time control is r…

by FM bank2010
General Chess Discussion - Tips on Evaluating a Position/Calculating #3

On evaluation, compare the following things, usually in order: 1) King safety 2) Piece activity 3) Material 4) Weakness On calculation, only calculate when it is required. Then follow these ste…

by FM bank2010
General Chess Discussion - Noob Chess Player Questions #35

1. There are many ways to study chess, but as for a beginner, I suggest you play as much you can to feel how chess works. In my opinion, the best setting is 5+3 or any 5 mins with increment. (Incremen…

by FM bank2010
General Chess Discussion - Improving my Chess #9

Quality is the key. Focus on the quality of the game. More long games, less blitz. I agree that playing a long game with tournament format and a real board helps. During the game, do your best, use al…

by FM bank2010