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Lichess Feedback - Please please please, do something about disconnects, convenient overthinkers & false game leaving.#1

A report I sent to the moderators: " I want to report this game not so much because I want to see the player punished, but because he demonstrates deep problems w…

Lichess Feedback - Please, ban non-fair players.#14

@Toadofsky It definitely isn't doing anything to help the situation!

Lichess Feedback - This Puzzle is So Inscrutible I Want to Give it a Negative Rating#7

1. Tactics are almost always about material; tactics puzzles should be, otherwise they're positional puzzles. I'm fine with questions that are about things other than material-gaining combinations, bu…

Lichess Feedback - Please, ban non-fair players.#4

The simple solution, I argue, is to moderate obvious cheaters (stalling IS cheating). I always report someone who drains my time right when I get mate-in-one, trap a queen or earn some other obvious a…