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General Chess Discussion - What is the best use of the Tactics trainer? (Puzzles) #2

Chess. com has a feature that's called Puzzle Rush. You basically solve an amount of puzzles in a short amount of time, and the puzzles get harder. I would love it if Lichess would implement a simila…

by Vycm
General Chess Discussion - Defending against double fianchetto #3

If he begins with e4, counter it with e5. Fianchettoing wouldn't make much sense then (except maybe in some Vienna Fianchetto lines)

by Vycm
Game analysis - In trouble with King's Gambit Accepted #6

Or just play 3.Bc4!?

by Vycm
General Chess Discussion - World Chess960 Championship #8

Regular chess is 80% draw at top level. Chess960 requires more strategic abilities, no boring theory!

by Vycm
Off-Topic Discussion - Do you think lichess should consider adding a declare victory button option? #2

There is one... although you might wait a few seconds for it to appear. But it exists.

by Vycm
General Chess Discussion - Cheat !!! - glock was grey - seems my opponent disabled his own glock and so i lost on time #3

since when are you allowed to bring guns at a chessgame?

by Vycm
Lichess Feedback - name cut off #2


by Vycm
General Chess Discussion - Players on lichess #3

Depends on who you call professional.

by Vycm
General Chess Discussion - Share your bullet tricks #2

Just play faster lol.

by Vycm
Lichess Feedback - Fix connection problems #2 You thought 17.6 seconds before your time went out. Even with ping 800 you could make a move. Maybe you were just mad because you were losing and thought, let's blame i…

by Vycm