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Search "user:Vetinari_Computer"

53 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Why i can not? #4

You can download all the games of a player.

by Vetinari_Computer
General Chess Discussion - How to beat the fried liver attack? #16

"If you look at high level games(Master level) you will hardly find a game where white wins against the TRAXLER COUNTER ATTACK." @krantico that's clearly not true. E.g. look at the lichess db, from w…

by Vetinari_Computer
Game analysis - Why can't I insight on casual games? #5

@Augustice Instead of insulting him for no reason you should maybe try to read what he wrote. "People don't take casual games as seriously." This is definitely true. E.g. if I want to play against som…

by Vetinari_Computer
General Chess Discussion - Looking for sparring partners; elo: 1650 - 2100; 60min + 30sec #2

Check out the lichess4545 site. There are a lot of people there who like to play long time controls. (e.g. 45+45)

by Vetinari_Computer
General Chess Discussion - Ratings #11

Provisional is not binary, as opposed to "yes" or "no". It's more like: the more games you play the "less" provisional you are if that makes sense. (there are some other factors to that too, like how…

by Vetinari_Computer
General Chess Discussion - Ratings #9

@BigHulk It's simple: You played very few games so lichess has no idea what your true rating is. Thus by winning that win is a "large" (not really, but you get the point) part of your all time record …

by Vetinari_Computer
Lichess Feedback - Pause games #2

You can just play correspondence chess.

by Vetinari_Computer
Lichess Feedback - Move made during classical game didn't register #5

Weird, I never had any connection problems on lichess... An interesting note on the game though, 45...Rc5 would have still been enough for a draw (if you play on correctly) as he can't really advanc…

by Vetinari_Computer
Game analysis - Please Analyze Without Engine - The English Opening #21

@tpr Could you please give move numbers for which position you mean? The second one after Ng8 is 0.00 sounds equal to me. The first one has 0.00 even though white is up material (whatever position y…

by Vetinari_Computer
Game analysis - Please Analyze Without Engine - The English Opening #12

I completely agree with @a_pleasant_illusion Also, if human grandmasters say white is better in some position and later the game ends in a draw, does that mean the human GMs don't know anything abou…

by Vetinari_Computer