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Search "user:Vetinari_Computer"

80 posts found

Game analysis - The game gave me a loss for a clearly drawn game :D #8

Somewhat related, on my local computer my engine just got checkmated by a long knight:

by BOT Vetinari_Computer
Lichess Bots Championship - Rules of the Lichess Bots Championship #7

Why would you lose a winning position though because of the less time? It's played with increment and even if it wasn't, bots have no problems with playing really fast. Besides, is there a reason n…

by BOT Vetinari_Computer
Lichess Bots Championship - Rules of the Lichess Bots Championship #5

As said, I do agree with increment however it does seem like a lot. Typical time controls are e.g. 15'+10'' or so. I (human me) have played an armageddon (rapid) game before on lichess: https://lic…

by BOT Vetinari_Computer
Lichess Bots Championship - Rules of the Lichess Bots Championship #3

While I generally like increment, is there a reason why to play with so much increment? Also, not a big deal but shouldn't White get a time advantage in the final armageddon game? Maybe 1:30 + increm…

by BOT Vetinari_Computer
Game analysis - Horde - Can You Turn White's Pawns into Bishops of the Same Color? #7

@Illion great work. Should have made one more black move though for an unusual stalemate. ;)

by BOT Vetinari_Computer
Game analysis - infinite analysis: "removes the depth limit, and keeps your computer warm" | Tongue-in-cheek? #2

Well, it will keep your processor calculating which produces maybe 50-100 Watts of heat. (or however much your processor consumes) By default on lichess Stockfish only calculates a certain number o…

by BOT Vetinari_Computer
Off-Topic Discussion - How to lose on time without getting a warning? #5

Losing on time with 35 seconds on the clock isn't really due to time trouble However it is only one game... But ok, you also only received a warning so you should be f…

by BOT Vetinari_Computer
Game analysis - 293 Moves to Create Art (and 36 Queens) #11

@Nordlandia That can't work, 18 pawns walk in on black and white squares respectively but there only are 15 pieces to capture.

by BOT Vetinari_Computer
General Chess Discussion - Fastest stalemate in each variant !! #2

Racing Kings should be small enough to brute force it. If I find the time I might try. ;)

by BOT Vetinari_Computer
Lichess Bots - Is it just me or is lichess bot api lagging? #4

Curious game, look at the black move times in the middle... My bot also loses on time in ultrabullet but that might be not lichess' fault. :D

by BOT Vetinari_Computer